Saturday, 24 September 2011


Before I get down to this, I've had feedback people can't see how to comment on the blog. You click on the bit that says "0 comments", or "237 comments" as appropriate.

Well, I went back to my Cambridge  college, King's, for an "informal lunch" today. Great to be back. My memories of Cambridge are positive and I'm glad I was at Kings. There was no-one from my year, though, and very few who arrived in the sixties at all. Maybe the spaced-out flower-boomers, or whatever they're called now, haven't made it through to 2011?

Fascinating conversation with one guy (Hi, Bart!) but no real opportunity to chat informally with a number of people. Coffee afterwards away from the tables would have done the trick. Still, seeking my bus-stop afterwards, after a visit to Whittards for special tea and a pint, I saw the two women who were opposite us. Turned out they'd been interested in our conversation about Poland because one of them was Polish!

My next blog will be on that holy grail of public agencies right now, being customer centred - and how it can undermine democracy and kill people.

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