Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Not good form

My former boss e-mailed me, much amused. When I was leaving the county council, there were long and slightly peculiar e-forms to be filled in, one of which was recording that all sorts of permissions and accesses had been closed, that I'd returned keys, pass and uniform (they never gave me a uniform, but nice thought) and so on. I thought it looked like a table in Microsoft Word, something I'd often constructed by way of work, so I idly checked to see if it could be amended. It could! So I added another row for ticking off, "Cancellation of licence to kill". He hadn't noticed it until re-reading...


  1. Hahaha,cool! I'll write "Termination of license to consider me a robot" if I got such a form to fill at the end of my job :)

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