Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Odanglesex Chronicles: The Partnership

FROM: Hamish Carpenter, Transformational Excellence Manager, Odanglesex County Council

TO: Caren Thwaites, North-west and South-East Odanglesex Transitional Primary Care Trust

Will Wainwright, Community Safety Co-ordinator, Odanglesex Police

Tamara Gold, Chair, Confederation of Odanglesex Councils for Voluntary Service

Basil Fogarty, Chief Executive, Odanglesex Association of Local Councils

Mark Cullompton, Wekebridge District Council (for the district councils)

Petra Partington, Vice-chair, CTC (Odanglesex Branch)


Many thanks for coming this morning. I thought the meeting was very positive indeed. Are you happy with this as a summary of what we agreed?

1: There is a need to co-ordinate action across agencies to promote cycling in Odanglesex as both healthy and environmentally friendly. No one statutory agency can deliver this alone: indeed, no one agency can.
2: Progress up to now with cyclist-friendly policies has been disappointingly slow and casualties are too high.
3: A Partnership should be formed of concerned agencies, headed by a small working group which initially could consist of the agencies represented at today's meeting.
4: The name of the Partnership will be the Odanglesex Safe Cycling Partnership.
5: The working group should report to a wider annual meeting.
6: The first task of the working group should be to draw up a plan of action, with a timetable, identifying who should be responsible for actions.
7: Responsible representatives should seek approval from their agencies for commitments in the plan of action.
8: Tamara and I will put together terms of reference.
9: We will meet again next month (e-mail with possible dates follows).

FROM: Kenneth Spotlessnob, Assistant Chief Executive and Director of Transformational Excellence and Strategic Vision

TO: Hamish Carpenter

Hamish - thanks for updating me on the cycling partnership. I think Neil Balderson should be added to the membership of the working group.

FROM: Tamara Gold

TO: Hamish Carpenter

Hamish - I can't say I'm happy at OCC having two members on the working group to one for everybody else, but as you point out, we won't be taking votes often if ever. If this gets Kenneth on board, I suppose it's worth it. Everyone's happy with the ToR, by the way and it's very clear that it's a genuine partnership, not some kind of front. Sorry if that sounds cynical.

So that'll be all right, then, won't it?

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