Thursday, 10 January 2013

Odanglesex Revisited: Green Odanglesex (3)

Concluding, with an amazing twist, the tale of greening Odanglesex - a report with added words for no extra price!!!

FROM: Sam Speed, Emergency Social Work Co-ordinator

TO: Silesia Jones, Equality and Diversity Beacon Consultant

Hi! Have all the kettles disappeared from your kitchen too?

FROM: Silesia Jones

TO: Sam Speed

Yes. It's a bummer. Terry's trying to find out what's happened.

FROM: Sam Speed

TO: Silesia Jones

Especially as I work nights and the water heater is set to go off at 5.

FROM: Hamish Carpenter, Transformational Excellence Manager

TO: Calandra Larkins, Spatial Diversification Officer (Upper)
Don Coggins, Hard Systems Manager (Core)


People on B11 have been asking what happened overnight to the kettle in our kitchen. It was a new one twelve people clubbed together to buy three weeks ago. We thought it might have been stolen or accidentally taken out and not replaced, but then both Sam Speed in the Emergency Social Work Team and Caradoc MacNab in Finance contacted people in my team because their kettles had vanished. The only information I've been able to get so far is that Dale Brashcon said he understood it was a sub-milestone on the Green Odanglesex Strategy. Calandra - you're our green person, so are you in the know?

FROM: Calandra Larkins

TO: Hamish Carpenter

cc: Don Coggins

This is news to me. Don?

FROM: Don Coggins

TO: Hamish Carpenter
Calandra Larkins

In pursuance of the Green Odanglesex Strategy, Safety Considerations and the Odanglesex Values Statement, all unauthorised hand-held electric water heating devices positioned in O.C.C. kitchens have been removed. A supply of hot water is accessible from the static water heaters situated in each kitchen.

The business case for this intervention is as follows:

1: The non-availability of hand-held electric water heating devices will reduce incidence of personal water heating activity and hence impact on our carbon footprint.

2: The static water heaters are more efficient.

3: A Safety Audit identified hand-held water heating devices as a health and safety risk because of the possibility of hot water product interacting with human extremities.

FROM: Calandra Larkins

TO: Don Coggins

Don: thanks.

As Green Odanglesex Champion (Core), I feel I should have been consulted, or at least warned, about action taken under the heading of the Green Odanglesex Strategy. By the way - is there a sound basis for stating that the static water heaters are more energy efficient? Also - where's our kettle gone? It's not OCC property.

FROM: Don Coggins

TO: All Directors and Heads of Unit

Please cascade the following water technology information. All unauthorised personal hand-held water heating devices seized from O.C.C. kitchens and marked with personal identification may be accessed for recovery at the O.C.C. Business Technology Pool at Ogden Hall (link to map). After this Wednesday they will be transited to the Odanglesex East Central Recycling Facility at Day's Grange for landfill.

FROM: Oliver Oldknoll, Innovatory Best Practice Exemplar Workforce Manager

TO: Anne Hathaway, Internal Finance Systems Development Officer


As I hadn't heard anything about another meeting of the Green working group on which we're both champions, I e-mailed Calandra to find out what was going on. The e-mail bounced back. Apparently she's no longer with the council. I tried Chris Van Hummel. He's vanished too. I've e-mailed their boss, Brett, asking who's taken over their roles and had no reply. At least to my knowledge he hasn't vanished, though (forget it). Have you heard anything? Who's picking this up?

FROM: Anne Hathaway

TO: Oliver Oldknoll

No-one, apparently. Rob Methuen did suggest we wait a year or so until the next green initative and then ask again. LOL. I don't think.


We are especially proud in Odanglesex with our transformational journey leading into a step change to become a Green County. In the last eighteen months we've embedded a Green Odanglesex Strategy, appointed external and internal Green Odanglesex champions and given our internal work pathways a thorough audit and shake-up through a volunteer Green Odanglesex Working Group. Of course the award of the title of Green Place of the Year was a triumph for all the people who have worked so hard to make our Strategy a reality. More innovatory still was our employee positive message tagging initiative...

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