Friday, 20 January 2012


This week for the first time in my life I went to an auction (in Colchester). It was fun - the weird variety of stuff being auctioned, the pleasant and helpful staff of Reeman Dansie, the mixture of often eccentric-looking people there to bid, the excitement when bids competed - including the two things I bid for, both metalwork of artistic value (got one). It would be fun to go even if you weren't bidding.

They get through an extraordinary number of items in the time. The auctioneers could double as horse-race commentators. The one minus? That items were often combined into large lots so that one or two things of real interest would have to be taken with numbers of bulky and unattractive items which presumably someone wanted and would tend to push up the price as well as make you think twice about transport and storage.

Noneless, I think I'll go again.

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