Tuesday, 24 January 2012


No, not signs of the end of the world, though that is an idea. A business opportunity has so far been ignored there. Let's see...WARNING: WORLD ENDING. To the point if a bit uninspired. BEWARE OF DISINTEGRATING PLANETS. Practical and helpful but a bit long. THREE LANES REDUCING TO NONE (OK if there are three lanes. THINK HELP!! Short, punchy, but what use is thinking it? A14 CLOSED BECAUSE OF APOCALYPSE. What about the A120? And is Apocalypse that hard rock band from Banbury?

No, that wasn't what I meant. Yesterday I walked a footpath over a golf course which was marked both ends with notices saying "BEWARE OF FLYING GOLF BALLS". Quite. They're difficult to control and it's very easy to fall off. Stick to planes.

OK, that was perverse. But what about the road sign I saw a few days back: red triangle and black exclamation mark (so, warning sign in the UK). It said, "THINK!" That was it. No indication of what I was supposed to think about. Global warming? The meaning of life? Risky investments? What jacket to wear tomorrow? The road gave no clue: there was a bit of a bend, but nothing unusual.

THINK! Well, I am thinking. I just haven't reached a conclusion.

By the way: UK visits to this site are running at just under twice US visits, which dropped a bit. For a long time, France and Germany were neck and neck, slugging it out (loyal to history, then) with Russia and Ukraine vying with them from time to time; but now France has shot way ahead and is closing on the USA, which is obviously faltering through cheese deprivation. Welcome to newcomers from South (Africa and Korea). I'd love to hear from any of you, here or on simon@ss93.wanadoo.co.uk.

Next post will continue the adventure of Agile Working in Odanglesex.


  1. Perhaps an intellect challenged person had asked what to put on the sign, and their boss, trying to get them to use their initiative, replied:
    'Just think'?

  2. Nice one, James. That must be it.