Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The Odanglesex Chronicles: Lord Pond's Credit Card

FROM: Kenneth Spotlessnob, Assistant Chief Executive and Director of Transformational Excellence, Strategic Vision and Directional Signposting

TO: Edelbertha Spengler, OBN, Chief Executive


Just to alert you that a Right to Know request has come in from Cllr Makepeace of the Undrezing First group on the Council for a full breakdown of Cllr Pond's expenses on his OCC credit card while he was Leader. I've had one of my people conducting an overview of the available information and there may be one or two items that could give the wrong impression.


FROM: Edelbertha Spengler
TO: Kenneth Spotlessnob.

Thanks, Kenneth. Like what?

FROM: Kenneth Spotlessnob
TO; Edelbertha Spengler

Like, unfortunately, to cynical people, that he might have been funding from public money expenses which were not fully justified in the public interest.

FROM: Edelbertha Spengler
TO: Kenneth Spotlessnob

No, which items might be questioned?

FROM: Edelbertha Spengler
TO: Kenneth Spotlessnob

Kenneth - many thanks for coming to see me in response to my request. I agree the visit to Bali with eight friends seems a bit borderline. Is Bali doing anything particularly exciting and innovative in local government? Perhaps you could put a policy officer or two on to this.

As for the golf course, I can see this being criticised, but we had the advice of the Council's Health at Work Advisor and the Head of Emergency Planning and Rational Decision-making under Abnormal Circumstances. The former advised that the health of the Leader would suffer if he could not play golf regularly and the latter advised that as the Leader of such a large and high-profile authority might well be a terrorist target, the only way of him playing golf safely was to buy him his own golf course. I am informed that we are now taking steps to open the course to the general public on appropriate payment being made.

No, I don't think it's necessary to commission any research on Cllr Makepeace. Bill Wayneflete says he knows him rather well.



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